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In Ukraine, just behind our border there is merciless and brutal war. Hundreds, thousands of people found themselves in fatal danger and they sought shelter away from their homeland. Poland has accepted great number of refugees and our Houses of Peace are open for them.

Their older inhabitants-Belarussians got involved in support for Ukraine as well. Your donations and all kinds of support from other foundations let us equip the Houses and provide their inhabitants with dignified yet not comfort, living conditions.

However, the growing costs of energy, gas and food make maintaining the shelters very difficult challenge. Thus, we appeal for your help and support for our inhabitants, who, if it were possible, would come back to their houses and flats right away.

Your donations will be also used for the support of all war victims, those who stayed in Ukraine as well. Without your help we will not be able to send regular transports with medical and humanitarian aid.

Let us show once again that we want and may help !

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HUMANOSH Foundation
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Wsparcie dla Ukrainy

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Anonymous Donor 500.00 PLN Gdańsk
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Druzyna 510.00 PLN Pabianice
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Mateusz 60.00 PLN Piaseczno
Henryk 100.00 PLN Poznań
Nastii 150.00 PLN Poznań
Anonymous Donor 100.00 PLN Łódź
Katarzyna 320.00 PLN Łódź
Anonymous Donor 20.00 PLN Kraków
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