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People who believe that every human being deserves his or her own place on earth, who want to help people who have no possibility of finding such a place in their own country.

Alina 10.00 PLN Wągrowiec
MIKALAI 50.00 PLN Warszawa
Alina 10.00 PLN Wągrowiec
Alina 10.00 PLN Wągrowiec
Anonymous Donor 100.00 PLN Warszawa
Anonymous Donor 20.00 PLN Sopot
Anonymous Donor 20.00 PLN Sopot
Magda 100.00 PLN Warszawa
Julia 100.00 PLN Gdańsk
Arleta 100.00 PLN Gorzów Wlkp.
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We want you to help us provide political refugees with a cozy and friendly place in the country where they start a new life. A place where they will receive help and support.