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Creating a House of Peace – Mirnyj Dom

Mirnyj Dom is a place where political refugees will be able to receive a helping hand. Currently, due to the political situation of our eastern neighbours, the Humanosh Foundation is helping political refugees from Belarus.

So far, the Humanosh Foundation – or rather its founders – have already helped refugees from Tibet and Ukraine. Now, thanks to Mirny Dom, it will be possible to help more people forced to leave their homeland.

Start-up care

These people, often forced to leave their homes and families in a hurry, visit Poland more and more often. They do not know the language, they are deprived of friends, they are left on their own, most often they end up in refugee centers. We help them find their way in the new reality.

Mirnyj Dom (House of Peace)

We are creating a safe asylum – a place that will serve as a temporary home for Belarusians fleeing their country. We want to create a place, where at their new beginning, they will receive decent conditions for a peaceful start in their new life. Residents in the House will be able to stay there for up to 3 months.

Their own place on earth

After the transition period we take care of our charges so that they can start living independently. We help them find an apartment, deal with formalities, arrange school and kindergarten for their children, find a job, help them learn Polish.


Thanks to a charity auction for the construction of a hostel for political refugees from Belarus, we managed to raise over 100,000 PLN, which will allow us to pay the rent of Mirnyj Dom for over a year. Work continues on adapting the rented building.

The clean-up is being carried out by members of the Foundation and refugees, who have already been helped by the Foundation, for example through renting apartments and other assistance to help them gradually settle in Poland.

Rooms have already been repainted, bathrooms done, and new cabinets installed in the kitchen. Despite the fact that the last cleaning works are still underway, Mirnyj Dom already has its first residents, who are Katya, Alexei and Sasha. We are waiting for more guests.

However, in order for Mirnyj Dom to fully function, further renovation work is necessary in the stairwell and in the basement, where we want to make rooms for common use, such as a TV room or a room for learning Polish. It is also necessary to purchase household appliances such as a fridge or a washing machine and small appliances – electric teapots, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Mirnyj Dom is slowly starting to function, but we still have a lot of work to do in order to make it run smoothly and provide decent conditions for our guests. But we have a lot of ideas and willingness, and above all we believe in the need to create such a place and that we will succeed.

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About us

The aim of the Foundation is to create conditions in which these people will feel “taken care of”. So far we have taken care of 30 people, creating a space for them to start a new life. We organize collections of clothing, food, medicines and hygiene products, we help in arranging the formalities related to staying in Poland, we help to provide schools and kindergartens for children and find a jobs.

Thanks to the funds raised in an online charity auction organized together with the Piękna Gallery Auction House and Communication Unlimited Marketing Agency, we have collected over PLN 100,000.00, for which we rented for over a year a building that we are transforming into a hostel – a temporary home – Mirnyj Dom – for refugees.
However, in order to provide its residents with decent conditions, we need to renovate and equip it. Even the smallest donation will allow us to achieve our goal.

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